5 original activities in Corsica to discover the island

Are you planning a stay in Northern Corsica and want to discover the island of beauty from a new angle? What could be better than a 4×4 excursion through the Agriates desert, a donkey ride between the mountains of Corte or even swimming in the sea alongside the cows? To help you complete your program, we have selected 5 original Corsican activities to explore the upper part of the island.

4×4 excursion in the Agriates desert

A wild and sparsely inhabited area, the Agriates desert is one of the most beautiful jewels of northern Corsica . Characterized by its landscapes that are both arid and green , the Agriates desert is home to superb white sand beaches and crystal clear waters , including Saleccia beach and Lotu beach .

Due to its isolation and the lack of road infrastructure, the Agriates desert is difficult to access by car . On the other hand, you have the possibility of traversing it during an excursion in 4×4 , either by taking the wheel, or by letting you be guided by a driver . On board the vehicle, discover its paradisiacal isolated beaches , its varied maquis , its caves and troglodyte shelters , without forgetting its villages and sheepfolds along the coast. Moreover, we recommend that you visit these 5 villages of North Corsica perched to see absolutely.

Original Corsican activity: horseback riding through the mountains of Corte

Horseback riding in the mountains of Corte offers an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in breathtaking mountain landscapes in a more than original way. During the course, you will have the chance to admire the steep peaks , the green valleys and the crystal clear rivers while exploring the preserved nature.

A region rich in culture and history, take advantage of this moment in Northern Corsica to discover authentic Corsican villages throughout your journey, reflecting local architecture in polished stone. To do this, go early in the morning to one of the equestrian centers offering the activity, because it takes place over at least half a day (about 4 hours) . Most centers welcome children from 8 years old and offer hikes accessible to beginners .

Original donkey ride in the Niolu Valley

Located in the town of Albertacce, this original Corsican activity allows you to ride a donkey on certain sections of the mythical GR20 . During a family hike in the heart of the mountains in the Niolu valley, you will come across many lakes , authentic sheepfolds and beautiful waterfalls in central Corsica.

For half a day or a whole day, choose the donkey ride that best suits your level and your family schedule . This Corsican activity is aimed at the youngest as well as the oldest. Its departure is located near a very beautiful chestnut grove in Albertacce , at the top of the Niolu valley.

Original visit of a Corsican ghost village: the hamlet of Occi

Occi is one of many Corsican villages that have been abandoned over time due to mass migrations to cities and coastal areas. The hamlet has a fascinating history, and a guided tour by one of the members of the association aiming to protect it will allow you to discover the reasons for its abandonment , as well as the stories and legends associated with it .

During your visit, you will discover ruined houses , narrow streets , and vestiges of past life . The silent and deserted atmosphere of the hamlet creates a mysterious ambiance that gives the impression of stepping back in time. But Occi is not just a ghost town . It is also a fascinating point of view over the Corsican valley . Lovers of history and exploration: this peaceful hamlet marked by history will seduce you.

Typically Corsican activity: swimming in Barcaggio with the cows

Barcaggio is a charming coastal village located at the northern end of the island of Corsica . Surrounded by fine sandy beaches and a crystal clear blue sea , it is the ideal place to cool off with the family when renting an apartment in the city center of Saint-Florent.

One of the peculiarities of Barcaggio is that the local cows roam freely on the beach and in the surrounding area. It is therefore not uncommon to see these animals lounging on the sand or cooling off in the water. This cohabitation with cows is a tradition rooted in Corsican culture . This is why this beach is often frequented by nature lovers in search of authenticity and a change of scenery.

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