Plane or boat: how to get to Saint Florent in Corsica?

How to get to Saint-Florent in Corsica is certainly one of the first questions to ask when you start planning your trip. Since Corsica is an island, two means are available to you: the plane and the ferry. Depending on the point of departure, the length of stay and the activities done on site, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, we will favor the plane for a short stay and the boat to better enjoy the Corsican landscapes for holidays of a week or more. Corsica Plane or Ferry: let's see how to make the right decision.

How to get to Saint Florent in Corsica by plane?

Are you planning a stay in Saint-Florent in Corsica for your next getaway? Please note that there are several ways to go about it, each more or less advantageous depending on your availability, budget and schedule once you get there. Most often, when planning this kind of trip, we tend to head towards flights. Indeed, several lines, notably those managed by Air Corsica, Air France or Volotea, allow you to reach northern Corsica in a few hours and at low prices:
  • Lyon Saint Exupéry: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Nantes Atlantic: 1h50
  • Paris CDG : 1 h 35
  • Toulouse Blagnac: 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Strasbourg-Entzheim : 1 h25
On average, flights to Saint-Florent in Corsica start at around €50 per person for a round trip out of season. In high season, the price can sometimes triple without exceeding the bar of 200 € per person. What remains a godsend to enjoy the beauty of the island of Corsica as soon as you arrive.

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How to get to Saint Florent in Corsica by boat?

If the plane is not for you, you always have the possibility of going to Saint Florent in Corsica via the ferry. Departing from the ports of Nice, Toulon, Livorno, Piombino or Savona, boats make numerous crossings daily to reach Bastia or Ajaccio, the largest city on the island. The companies Corsica Linéa and Corsica Ferries are the most frequent in these ports. On the other hand, traveling by ferry takes much longer than by plane:
  • Nice – Bastia: 7 h 45 max
  • Toulon – Bastia : 12 h 30 max
  • Livorno – Bastia: 4 h 30 max
  • Piombino – Bastia : 2h45 max
  • Savone – Bastia: 7 h 15 max
This time, it will take an average of €30 per adult for a crossing. If you want to take your personal vehicle on your trip to Corsica, the price is around 90 €. Finally, you can also add a cabin option to take advantage of a privileged space during the journey to Bastia. The ticket will then cost you 115 € on average.

Corsica plane or boat: which transport to go to Saint Florent?

You will have understood: there are two schools to get to Saint-Florent in Corsica. Plane or boat: how to choose? Well, it really depends on your patience, your budget and the length of your stay. If you are going to Corsica for a weekend or just a few days, we advise you to take the plane. Cheaper and faster, it will allow you to fully enjoy your stay. However, you will have to pay additional costs to travel around Saint-Florent. If you are going to Saint-Florent in Corsica for more than a week, it may be more judicious to bring your personal vehicle and therefore take the ferry. Despite a more expensive ticket and additional travel time, you will have more flexibility once there and will be able to organize your visits without the slightest constraint. It's ideal for families. Finally, to better choose between the plane and the ferry, you should remember that Saint-Florent is located 30 km from Bastia airport and a little less than 70 km from Calvi airport. If you do not have transportation once you get there, you will need to find a means of transportation to reach your rental in the city. Vehicle rental agencies can be a solution, provided you have had your driving license for more than a year and are over 21 years old. Be careful though: most of them will offer you electric vehicles with an average range of 380 km. In addition to limiting your travel, these vehicles are not suitable for climbing the Corsican mountains. And here, it is very difficult to find a charging station: there are only a few charging stations in Saint-Florent and its surroundings.