Saint-Florent boat rental: which shuttle for Lotu and Saleccia?

Do the Lotu and Saleccia beaches catch your eye? Please note that it is not possible to reach them by road: you must either rent a 4×4 or take a shuttle boat from Saint-Florent. But when it comes to boat rental in Saint-Florent, how do you navigate and choose the right company? In this article, we present to you two real Saint-Florent institutions: Popeye and Speed Mare.

Why a boat to access the beaches of the Agriates desert?

When you think of a trip to the beautiful island of Corsica , white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters immediately come to mind. Among the dream destinations of the Mediterranean, the Agriates desert, located near Saint-Florent , offers a true coastal paradise. However, this unspoilt corner of nature is far from easily accessible by land.

Indeed, the Agriates desert owes its name to its arid and wild landscape. This natural beauty, characterized by fine sand dunes, secluded coves and turquoise waters, attracts many visitors each year. However, its geographical isolation makes it difficult to access by traditional roads . This is where the need to take a boat to reach these idyllic beaches comes into play. In just a few minutes, you will have the opportunity to reach Lotu or Saleccia beach.

But where can you find information about boat rental in Saint-Florent ?

Saint Florent boat rental: your shuttle at Speed Mare

If you are staying in the heart of downtown Saint-Florent , Speed Mare invites you to discover the unspoilt beauty of the beaches of Saleccia and Lotu in the heart of the Agriates desert by booking a crossing in one of the shuttle boats departing from the city port.

In low season, count on €25 per adult and €20 per child for a return shuttle . In high season, this rate is €35 for adults and €30 for children. Reservations can be made online or by telephone.

Please note, however, that by reserving a shuttle boat, you do not have much choice in times: for a shuttle taken at 9 a.m., the return is at 1:30 p.m. For a shuttle taken at 11 a.m., the return is at 3:30 p.m. And etc. This is why the company offers you special boat + 4×4 packages. Thanks to this formula, you can take the boat to go to the beach and return at the desired time thanks to the rental of a 4×4 on site. On the other hand, this second formula costs €60 per adult and €55 per child.

Saint Florent boat rental: your shuttle at Popeye’s

A second company offers to make the crossing to the beaches of the Agriates desert . It's about Popeye. Popeye is almost 30 years of maritime history and boat excursions in Saint-Florent . A true institution, the company now offers boat trips in addition to the usual shuttles to reach the beaches.

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Come and discover Saint Florent in Corsica

As for the shuttles, they set sail from the port of Saint-Florent and reach Lotu or Saleccia beach. You will therefore have plenty of time to discover at least one of these 5 good restaurant addresses in Saint Florent before embarking for a lazy afternoon.

Because what differentiates this company from Speed Mare is the flexibility of the shuttles. If they leave every hour, this time there is no need to respect a specific timetable for the return: you can select it as you wish from the shuttles which also run every hour in this direction . This time allow €10 return per adult to reach Lotu beach and €35 to reach Saleccia .

Finally, if you want a sea trip, know that you have the possibility here to embark on a trip with or without swimming in Cap Corse , to the Port of Centuri or even in the Agriates desert according to the proposed formulas.