Top 3 of the most beautiful beaches near Saint Florent Corsica

On holiday near Saint-Florent in Corsica, do you want to discover the most beautiful beaches in the area? For this, it is necessary to take a close interest in the coasts which border the Agriates desert. From the most beautiful places to swim to those to enjoy with the family, discover our selection of the 3 most beautiful beaches near Saint-Florent in Corsica.

Near Saint Florent in Corsica: Saleccia beach

Saleccia beach is one of the leading destinations in northern Corsica . There, you will find a white sandbank bordered by turquoise water for almost a kilometer. Weather permitting, you may even see the peaks of the Cap Corse mountains . A true paradise landscape worthy of a postcard.

But to access such a gem, you have to get organized. Indeed, Saleccia beach is almost not accessible by car . Located in the Agriates desert, different paths are available to you to reach it:

  • From Saint-Florent, you can book your crossing with one of the boat companies in the port to go directly to Saleccia beach. Count 25 minutes.
  • Still from Saint-Florent, you can also take a boat to Lotu beach and then opt for a one-hour hike to Saleccia beach.
  • The 4×4 taxi is another option to get to Saleccia beach. You board a 4×4 vehicle to cross the Agriates desert for almost 12 km, or about 45 minutes of bumpy road.
  • Finally, the more adventurous can challenge themselves to reach Saleccia beach on foot from Saint-Florent. However, be aware that this is a big 18 km hike and you are likely to encounter dust from taxis for the entire duration of your walk.

If it is essential to make the trip at least once during your stay, do not expect to be able to enjoy a quiet and secret beach. Saleccia beach is one of the favorite activities of vacationers. The taxi-boats continue to drop off streams of passengers throughout the day.

Lotu beach: one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica

Lotu beach is known to receive one of the purest waters in Corsica . To the east of Saleccia beach, this beach is a corner of unspoiled nature . Between the sea and the mountains, the low hills provide shelter from strong winds, making for calm, shallow water , ideal for family swims .

Wilder than the previous beach, here you will find only one restaurant and no camping area nearby. This is certainly what attracts wild cows to come and enjoy the white sandbanks. Be careful not to approach them: they are here at home and accompany you on the condition of a respectful cohabitation.

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The fastest way to reach Lotu beach is by shuttle boat. Departing from the port of Saint-Florent, you can reach the beach in less than half an hour. As with Saleccia beach, you can also cross by 4×4 or by hiking along the coast (about 4 hours 45 minutes walk from Saint-Florent in Corsica).

Farinole beach: to admire the Corsican sunset

Located about twelve kilometers from Saint-Florent , the small village of Farinole offers two beaches: one made of pebbles, the other of sand. Obviously, the latter catches the eye, because it is the only sandy beach on the west coast of Cap Corse. Just a few steps from the beach, you will have the chance to discover an exceptional view of the Gulf and the Agriates desert .

Farinole beach is of particular interest to families, because here are offered many activities on land and at sea : pedal boat rental, toboggan, kayak, paddle, surf race, snorkling, paragliding baptism, etc.

Easy to access, this time you can reach the beach by road with your personal vehicle and therefore enjoy a beach that is a little less touristy in high season. The little extra of this beach is of course its sunset ! If the east coast of Saint-Florent does not allow you to attend, the geographical position of Farinole beach offers you this time a great opportunity to enjoy its golden reflections on the turquoise water.

Bonus: Nonza beach and its black sand

If we recap, the 3 most beautiful beaches near Saint-Florent in Corsica are:

  • Saleccia beach,
  • Lotu beach,
  • Fariniole beach.

But there is at least a fourth that is worth seeing: Nonza beach.

Nonza beach is certainly one of the most impressive and amazing beaches near Saint-Florent . Located below the perched village of Nonza, Nonza beach offers an expanse of black sand and small gray pebbles over more than a kilometre.

The most surprising thing is that it is not the result of volcanic activity, but rather of an old asbestos extraction factory a few kilometers away.

Here, the waves are strong and the water not suitable for swimming . On the other hand, the landscape is worth the detour, provided you face the 500 steps to reach the beach from the village.