5 hilltop villages of Northern Corsica you absolutely must see

Perched in the heart of Balagne, many villages dominate the northern coast of Corsica, both by their geographical position and their authentic beauty. On a trip near Saint-Florent, are you looking for an itinerary to discover them? For your excursion, we have selected 5 villages of North Corsica to see absolutely. All located less than 1h30 from Saint-Florent.

Corsican perched village: Monticello 1 hour from Saint-Florent

Have you rented a comfortable apartment in the heart of Saint-Florent to discover the treasures of the island of beauty? And why not start with a visit to Monticello , a hilltop village just an hour's drive away?

Monticello is a small village in Corsica perched on the north side of the island . Located in Balagne, 300 meters above sea level above Ile Rousse , this natural and preserved region of Haute-Corse benefits from a perfect climate to accommodate many olive trees and prickly pears giving it an air of Provence. .

Monticello is a perched Corsican village which perfectly combines an authentic vein in its old historic center and a modern inspiration in its most recent districts. During your visit, do not miss the Saint-François-Xavier church , the San Carlo Borromée brotherhood chapel or the Saleccia tower . For a swimming break, the creeks of Saleccia and Cala d'Olivu are also two corners of unspoiled nature to see near Saint-Florent.

Corbara: Corsican village perched
1h10 from Saint-Florent

The small village of Corbara is actually a group of small villages which follow one another in the Corsican landscape. Also located in Balagne , Corbara reaches 560 meters above sea level and extends over nearly 1000 hectares nestled between sea and mountains .

Here, there is a typical Mediterranean village whose hamlets are made up of magnificent cobbled streets and pastel-colored houses. During your walk, we advise you to stop at the Saint-Dominique Convent , to take the time to admire the remains of the medieval castle of Guido de Sabellis and the castle of Jacopino . On your way, you will also have the chance to come across at least one of the six Chapels that dot the territory. To end the day in style, enjoy the beauty of the beaches of Ghjunchitu , Bodri and the Marine de Davia .

Santa Reparata di Balagna – perched village
1h10 from Saint Florent

Santa Reoarata di Balagna is one of the largest villages in Balagne , located just an hour from Saint-Florent on the north coast of Corsica . At 264 meters above sea level, the village has an air of Tuscany with its polychrome stones and medieval-looking alleys . Although it is not the most touristic perched village, it has the particularity of being a land of wine and olive oil .

During your stroll through the streets, you can come and meet the parish church of Santa-Reparata-di-Balagna , a religious building classified as a historical monument which tells on its walls the different stages of the architectural history of Corsica. At the turn of another street, the Church of San Rocco also points the end of its bell tower. Don't forget to take the time to visit the ruins of the former Sant'Angelo Convent and admire the medieval fortified Tower of Palmento .

Village Corsica – Pigna
located 1h15 from Saint Florent

Pigna is certainly one of the most beautiful villages in Balagne . Moreover, it is one of the only two Corsican villages to have obtained the label " most beautiful villages of France ". Restored over the years by craftsmen who were keen to give the village a boost by using only materials from yesteryear, Pigna offers a landscape of old techniques mixing clay and typical houses with blue shutters .

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The village of Pigna is mainly known for being the home of craftsmen and musicians. By starting your walk through the entirely pedestrianized town centre, you will soon come across two very beautiful rounded bell towers: this is the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Inside, two classified works: the Brawl of Peasants and The Last Supper . A few blocks away, an open-air auditorium hosts many performances throughout the year. Also listed as a Historic Monument, it bears witness to the former cereal activity of Balagne .

Village of Sant'Antonino – 1h30 from Saint-Florent in Corse

Sant'Antonino is the second and last Corsican village to have obtained the "most beautiful villages in France" label. At nearly 500 meters above sea level, Sant'Antonino is one of the oldest villages on the island , but also one of the highest in Balagne . Located on a granite peak, it embraces both the wild plains and the Mediterranean Sea , offering breathtaking landscapes.

Built like a labyrinth, with intersecting paths and infernal spirals, Sant'Antonino is full of treasures from the past. The Church of the Annonciade erected in the 11th century and the ruins of the medieval castle are among these marvels that must be seen. You should also not miss the Chapel of the Trinity which symbolizes the perfection of the triptych by its three colors: beige for the Father, green for the Son and red for the Holy Spirit. Finally, linger over one of the viewpoints over the valley: you can see its green plains, its olive trees and its large mountain ranges.

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