Where to go in Corsica for the first time? (3 destinations)

When organizing a stay in Corsica for the first time, it can be difficult to choose the right destination as the country is full of treasures. Between spectacular beaches, wild rocky cliffs and villages steeped in history, you will easily have to find the dream destination for your vacation. And to make it easier, discover our selection of 3 Corsica destinations not to be missed: Porto-Vecchio, Ajaccio and Saint-Florent.

Porto-Vecchio: the Corsican beach and leisure destination

Porto-Vecchio is a very popular destination for French tourists looking for a corner of Paradise just a few steps from home. The third city of Corsica , Porto-Vecchio is located in Southern Corsica , between Bonifacio in the extreme south and Solenzara in the east.

A true seaside resort, Porto-Vecchio is the ideal destination to go to Corsica for the first time if you like comfort and prestige, relaxation on white sand beaches, without forgetting the summer entertainment of the city.

On site, you can:

  • Admire the beautiful boats and yachts moored at the majestic marina,
  • Discover the salt marshes that have given the city the reputation of "city of salt",
  • Explore the cultural heritage passing by the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, the Santa Cruci brotherhood chapel, the 5 bastions of Porto-Vecchio or the Chiappa lighthouse.

After which, a relaxation program awaits you on the 35 km of beach that borders the city . Among the most beautiful on the island, the beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia offer soft sand, large rocks and crystal clear waters.

Porto-Vecchio is accessible through Figari airport (25 minutes) or Ajaccio airport (3 hours). You can also opt for a ferry crossing (about 10 hours) and enjoy your own vehicle.

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Come and discover Saint Florent in Corsica

Ajaccio: visiting the historic capital of Corsica for the first time

Ajaccio is particularly well known for having seen the birth of the Emperor Napoleon , which gives it the title of Imperial City . A seaside town, Ajaccio has the particularity of hosting very beautiful beaches in the heart of its town centre .

If you are wondering where to go in Corsica for the first time , know that Ajaccio is the ideal place to soak up the history of one of the largest cities, while enjoying a cocktail on the beach Saint -François near the port or that of Trottel close to the city center.

During your stay, we advise you to discover:

  • The Sanguinaires Islands , an archipelago of 4 islands classified as a "Grand Site de France",
  • The Fesch Museum, the largest French museum of Italian art after the Louvre,
  • The imperial chapel built by Napoleon III,
  • The cathedral of Ajaccio and its particular bright orange facade.

Early in the morning, you can also visit the old port of Ajaccio and come and meet the first fishermen. Late in the afternoon, the commercial port welcomes you to one of the many bars and restaurants that border it and offer you a magnificent view of this exceptional place.

Ajaccio is easily and directly accessible from Ajaccio airport . You can also opt for a ferry crossing.

Saint-Florent: wild landscapes and preserved tranquility

Saint-Florent is a small Corsican village still hidden from tourist eyes. Located between Cap Corse and the heart of the Agriates desert , the village benefits from a particularly fascinating geographical location, between sea and mountains, where the wild landscapes still extend. Ancient Roman city, Saint-Florent has kept its ancient streets and the authenticity of its traditions to share with its visitors the best of Corsican culture today.

The village appeals as much to the fishermen and sailors who populate the marina , also known to be the starting point for many tourist excursions towards the most beautiful beaches , as to the locals and travelers in search of absolute nature . Moreover, its landscapes were used as a backdrop for the scenes of the Allied landings in Normandy for the film " The Longest Day ".

On site, we advise you to discover:

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta or Saint Mary of Nebbio,
  • The citadel of Saint-Florent , former most important commercial place of the island,
  • The old town of Saint-Florent and its preserved heritage,
  • The Agriates desert, its splendid views of the mountains and the pier,
  • The Mortella Tower , a true vestige of the city's port past.

To fully enjoy this charming port village with the family, renting an apartment in the heart of the port is ideal. And to bask in the pill in Saint-Florent , you will have the choice: Roya beach, Lotu beach , Malfalcu beach, Saleccia beach, Olzu beach or even Ospedale beach. Between hills bordering the sea, colored dunes and turquoise water, relaxation is assured in this preserved corner of tranquility. Moreover, we explain how to get to Saint-Florent in Corsica , whether by plane or boat.